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About me

I’m currently working with Beyond Distance at the University of Leicester on the DUCKLING and OSTRICH projects, after recently finishing work on the OTTER project. I’m interested in supporting distance learners,  workplace learning, open learning, Open Educational Resources (OER)s, virtual teams, learning design, and that grey area in the intersection between learning design and delivery.

Having started my career in the adult literacy sector in South Africa in the eighties and run lots of workshops for adult educators, I get excited about the continuing professional development of adult educators and trainers in developing countries. I recently developed an OER with the SA Institute for Distance Education (SAIDE), ‘Supporting Distance Learners’, which is for tutors and trainers in institutions that are moving from traditional, paper-based delivery towards a more technology-enabled style of delivery.

Other things I’ve done: In the late nineties my training consultancy in South Africa, Flagship Mentoring and Training cc, offered train-the-trainer and learning design services for clients from South African Airways to Eskom through to tiny little NGOs in fairly remote parts of the country. I’ve worked in Spain as an EFL teacher and in Oman as an author of EFL materials, and recently spent five years leading a curriculum development team producing multimedia training materials for Qatar’s energy industry.

I have an MA in English Education (Wits, South Africa), and a Masters in Training and Development (USQ, Australia).

Why the blog?

Mainly to keep a record of my learning, but also with a view to participating in conversations about learning with like- (and unlike-) minded people…

Why Cloud Wisdom?

Because I love the idea of the wisdom of crowds, and where better place to share in that wisdom than in a blog that lives in the cloud


This is my personal blog and is not representative of the views of my employer or anyone else who is mentioned in it.

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