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Blackboard to add support for CC Attribution – Creative Commons

October 20, 2011

Via Scoop.itOpen learning news

Many blogs and tweets today about Blackboard’s announcement at Educause 2011 that they are going to add a “Share” button, which will enable academics/ instructors to add a Creative Commons licence to anything they upload to the VLE, and simultaneously publish their materials on the open Web. All with just one click.   I think this will make a huge difference to academics who are interested in OERs but a bit overwhelmed by the apparent complexity of producing and publishing their teaching materials openly. And it could send the leadership of many institutions into a flurry of policy-making to try to control what gets published in their names. It’s bound to get a bit messy, but if more commercial VLEs/ LMSs follow Blackboard’s example, the end result can only be more activve involvement by senior management in the open access movement, and more academics taking responsibility for producing OERs. Which has to be a good thing.   Interesting though, that amongst all the happy blogs and tweets, there is one on the “OER Facebook wall” that retweets @OER_Center, who say that an article by The Chronicle on this development is “misleading”… They say: “Co-optation of #OER by Bb or misunderstanding?” Please can someone explain?  
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