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Openness, Disaggregation and the Future of Education – keynote by David Wiley

October 12, 2011

Via Scoop.itOpen learning news

David Wiley opened the 2009 Penn State Symposium for Teaching and Learning with Technology with a thought provoking keynote presentation on open education.   A few gems from this 50-minute video:   – David says focusing on how openness will benefit “us” (i.e. our own institutions, as opposed to some vaguely defined common good) is going to be the key to successful open practice.   – He has invited successive cohorts of students to contribute to curriculum decisions in a wiki over the last five years, but hasn’t had any contributions from students in all that time. Why? Something to do with the power dynamics between teacher and students?   – Institutions are falling back on their policies to defend tradition, rather than creating policy frameworks or policy petri dishes where interesting things can grow.   – We need to close the ‘daily divide’ between learning and the rest of our students’ lives. Otherwise students will Google to find alternatives, and if our institution doesn’t appear on Google (with OERs), it may as well not exist.   Thanks to Luis Rafael Armario ( for the link.
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