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MIT offers template for WordPress wiki for crowdsourced open teaching materials

July 23, 2011

Via Scoop.itOpen learning news

“Using grant money from the National Science Foundation, a group of MIT faculty members have recently launched the Educational Collaboration Space website.” This looks great – MIT is experimenting with a wiki for Maths teachers to share lesson ideas on teaching communication in Maths, and as a by-product, they are making available the WordPress-based wiki template for other communities to gather teacher-created materials. (The actual Maths wiki is still in demo mode at the moment and has no content in it, apart from a few gloriously absurd Jaberwock-style model “discussions”, ( with exchanges such as: “Jim: When there are ghijk that need attention, I think the idea of asking the student to lmnop is a good one. In addition, stuvw ansn swerpp sna stuvw ansn swerpp sna stuvw ansn swerpp sna. “Susan: But wouldn’t that ans asnsop asn? How do you smapi s andn sseips?” Seriously now: the WordPress template looks great. It can be found at – along with instructions for use.
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