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21st century learning – threads in the tapestry

September 2, 2009

Here is the slide presentation I gave at the NADEOSA (National Association for Distance Education and Open Learning in South Africa), on 17 Aug 2009. In it, I described six threads in the ‘tapestry’ of learning and teaching in the 21st century, as I see it, with a focus on how this tapestry is being created in developing countries.

Joining the high-tech bandwagon on low bandwidth
A streaming version of the video is available here:


I was in Leicester, England, and the conference was in Pretoria, South Africa. Colleagues at Leicester helped me record the presentation as a video, which we sent to NADEOSA before the conference. The delegates watched the video presentation, and I waited (on tenterhooks!) in Leicester for the Skype call for the Q&A session afterwards. It wasn’t ideal – it would have been much nicer for me to actually give the presentation live, but we were glad we chose this route in the end, as we lost the Skype connection about three times during the 15 minutes or so of Q&A time. (And Skype had proved to be more stable than Elluminate or Adobe Connect in our practice runs!)

During the Q&A session, I was asked to elaborate on slide 18 – ‘Manage it, don’t drown in it! – which is about managing the rapid flow of information that we have to deal with as educators and learners. I mentioned a great blog post by Nancy White, in which she outlines some strategies for doing this.

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