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My top ten tools

June 13, 2009

Jane Hart is compiling a list of  top ten favourite tools ‘for creating learning for others, for your own professional practice or personal productivity’ at

Mine are:

  1. Gmail – definitely number 1. I love the way it collates messages into a single thread.
  2. iGoogle – to organise everything, and…
  3. Diigo – to bookmark, annotate, highlight and share. (For a description of how I use these two together for getting things done, see my blog posting, ‘GTD in my PLE‘)
  4. Zotero – I’ve built up a fantastic reference library using Zotero and the Firefox add-on, which enables one to save detailed referencing info from journal databases, Amazon and other sources with a single click. The bibliography function also takes the headaches out of writing reference lists.
  5. Weebly – The best wysiwyg software for creating websites I’ve ever found… It’s free but I’ve taken out a subscription for $27 that enables me to password-protect some pages of my sites. For an example, see the site I developed with and for the South African Institute for Distance Education using Weebly at (Work in progress.)
  6. Gliffy – great, free tool for producing diagrams. All the diagrams in my blog were done using this.
  7. Elluminate – Still the best webconferencing tool I know of. I love Elluminate’s free vroom (virtual meeting room for three) – it’s a great alternative to Skype if you need to bypass office firewalls.
  8. Greenshot – Dead easy tool for capturing screenshots. And it’s free.
  9. Moodle – For managing learning communities. (I’m checking out Ning and Elgg though – wondering if they’re more user-friendly for both administrators and participants, even though probably less powerful.)
  10. Filemail – I saved the best for last. This is without question the best application for sending large files. All the others that I tried were so incredibly s-l-o-w that I gave up on them. (I read somewhere that they artificially slow down the upload/download speeds for customers who choose the free service… Filemail happily does not seem to subscribe to this practice.)
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  1. Adrian Strydom permalink
    October 28, 2010 7:19 pm

    Excellent list Gabbi!

    Warm regards

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